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Cars Vs Zombies

About the game

Enjoy in this incredible ride. Cars vs Zombies, yes it is possible. Crush zombies and hold your line at the parking. Outstanding game it is. Try to be the best in this 30 level game. Your task is simple, just follow the rules. Press your left click and engine of your car will be started. In same time when your car is moving, he also crushing these green creatures. When you near to parking when zombies chilling, press left click again to stop your engine. in that way you will crush zombies and park your car to specific spot. Try to do all in very short time. Every new level is herder than previous and for that make this game very cool to play. Zombies – these incredible boring and deadly guys, you must stop them to take leader on the world. Crush them all. Show to them who is the boss. Maybe you not know how to drive, but you it’s not important. The important thing is that try to beat all obstacle and come out as a winner.


All you need is mouse to play cars vs zombies game. Start engine, move your vehicle, and bring glory to your town. But first enjoy and make fun.