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Earn To Die 4

Earn To De 4

About Earn To Die 4

It is still the WWII. Any help is welcome. To you to show me how much you human and bold in a situation when many are dying. Driving the famous volkswagen beetle, you’ll have to hold on as long as possible in an effort to most of you cross a hundred times. On the way will be waiting for the various obstacles. German soldiers led by Adolf Hitler, the German tanks, howitzers and cannons. Fortunately after each mission, you’ll have the option to upgrade. Here you’re going to raise your bug that could get past that bloody germans.


Of course, they will not remain indifferent when they come into a situation of being overrun, but will retaliate shooting. Of course you can not show them who’s boss, and they throw the rocket, when it … no more Germans in sight.

Use your keyboard arrows to steer the vehicle and rocket launcher for press x button.