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Earn To Die

Earn To Die Game

About Earn To Die

Your task in this version of the game is to first buy a vehicle that your budget can handle, then you should run over large number of zombies that will be on your way. Your vehicle will at some point to stop what it will mean that you are out of gas, in that moment you need to get back to you garage where you can improve and upgrade your vehicle, wheels, bumpers, glass, engine, tires, exhaust, nitro and more but at the beginning the most important is to improve your fuel for your vehicle in order to be longer persisted on the road, you get your money from the killed zombies, the more zombies you kill a larger number of money you make.


Later in the game when you have enough money you can buy other, stronger and better vehicle to use for killing hordes of zombies that will be on your way. Enjoy this exciting game Earn to Die!


Use arrow keys to drive