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Monster Truck Zombie Crusher

About the game

Let’s get ready for an incredible ride. Just turn the key and start the engine of these monster truck. Run over everything in front of you. Smash cars and be a zombie crusher.

How to play

Sit in your monster truck and go. Press on start and be prepare for some scary fun. In front of you is map with levels. Every level is locked, except one, the starting level. You must unlock them all. First level… let’s go. Crowd go wild, so be like them. Using your steering commands drive your monster truck over cars. Try to be as much as you can creative. That brings you a lot of points. Also pick up a stars over old timers. Use nitro if you necessary. It’s very useful against walker green monsters, zombie. Crush them all like Rick Grimes from TWD, but it’s easier to do this, you just need to hit and crush zombie.


Use your keyboard arrows and space button to play this game:
Left arrow – Left
Right arrow – right
Up arrow – accelerate
Down arrow – break
Space bar – activate nitro