If you want to play this game

You must first to pray

In this zombie world

You need a good mood

Because the zombies will not have mercy

Your need a power like Jackson Percy

If you want to see how zombie fly

It’s easy, play Earn To DIe

Choose and upgrade your car

Crush zombies, leave them scar

There’s a three games part

Show your knowlege and be smart

Let your car be like magnet

Choose your target

In each of these three parts

Hit the zombies, like you play a darts

Use your skill

Hit them hard, and kill

Trust me, it’s a good thrill

The best series is Walking Dead!!!

Pay Earn to die, or go to bed

You will see what is bad

After this game, you will not be sad

Enjoy in every part and try

to play unusual Earn To DIe

This is all for today

It’s your choise

“Should I go, or should I stay”