Earn 2 Die Plays 8.54K

Zombie Ramming

Earn To De 4

About Zombie Ramming

Are your ready for an action. Fasten your sit belt and go. Your task is simple. Driving your car you must hit and crush these green monsters. Be careful, also they can attack you. So, when you going to the zombie press space button for nitro. Speed of your car has crush the zombie in many parts. A blood will be all over the place, Also you must collect many stuffs like health and money, actually every what you see on your game screen pick up, it will need you for faster moving to the next level. After each level, you can upgrade your car and fix it up. Repair your engine, tire and armor. You have a certain sum of money and you have a choose to repair what you want. Save money and you can buy a new car, which means, you have be much worse against these deadly walking creatures.


Enjoy in this Zombie Ramming game when you playing and be relentless against walking dead persons.

Use your keyboard to play this game
For steer use arrow keys
Press space for nitro
Press shift to shoot